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Ideal locations

Locations in all Major Tasmania Tourist destinations. A place of wild beautiful landscapes, friendly people, a relaxed island lifestyle, wonderful food and wine.

Fully catered kitchens

Whether warming up a meal or cooking for a family its great to feel like your in your own kitchen at home, in a well catered kitchen with modern applicances.

Close to shops

Modern supermarket and shopping centres are close at hand. Weekly local markets, seasonal food festivals, there is plenty of fresh produce to sample.

Close to Attractions

Geographically diverse with over 40% reserved as national parks and world heritage wilderness. Every location offers attractions with much to explore.

Members Home Locations & Facilities

Home Facilities

All 7 Institute Holiday Homes in Tasmania have the following equipment:

Beds as listed under seven great home locations see opposite.

Television–DVD Player

Heating and Cooling

Dining Suite–Refrigerator–Toaster


Electric Kettle–Crockery–Utensils

Wardrobes–Drawers–Lounge Suite

Shower–Vanity Basin–Electric Iron

Washing Machine–Wash Trough–Clothesline.



1 x 2B Devonport Holiday Unit – 2 Double beds and 3 Singles

1 x 3B Launceston Holiday Home – 1 Queen Bed, 1 Double Bed and 3 Singles.

3 x 2B Hobart Holiday Units – 2 Double bed and 3 Singles in each unit.

2 x 2B St Helens Units for up to – 2 Double beds and 3 Singles in each unit.

NON MEMBERS – Must be nominated by a financial member.

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