About Us

General Secretary Kevin French.

Tasmanian Railways Institute Inc is a Membership not for profit organisation. The “AN Institute Inc” in Tasmania used to be the “Tasmanian Railways Institute”, which was part of the “Tasmanian Government Railways”(TGR).

Membership was for Railway personnel only until “TGR” became part of “Transport Commission Tasmania” when Transport Commission personnel became eligible for membership. Although the Institute Secretary was part of the TGR salary structure and carried out some personnel training and testing, the Institute was effectively the TGR social club. It conducted social and sporting events in Tasmania and, with the cooperation of Railway Institutes in other States and New Zealand, conducted inter railway sporting carnivals.

In TGR days, the Tasmanian Railways Institute had over one thousand members. However, after Australian National Railways Commission (ANRC) took over the Government railway in Tasmania, the number of staff declined as passenger trains were halted and an increasing amount of work was subcontracted out, the membership reduced dramatically.

Membership was opened up to anyone acceptable to the Management Committee.

Since 1999 the number of financial members has been about 250 each year.

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