ANZRI Intersystem Cricket

ANZRI  Cricket Carnival 

to be held at Coffs Harbour New South Wales February 2025.

Applications from member are now being accepted for the Tasmanian Team

further information please contact Kevin French 0438660709 or Malcolm Cash 03263571


ANZRI Tasmanian Cricket Team 2023 Gold Coast

Back : Julian Long, Fred Davis, Danny Grant, Brodie Tierman, Ryan Double, Kai Schumann, Simon Chandler, Alex Jordan, Jordan Grant, Matthew Lowe, Kevin French.

Front : Justin Maney, Andrew Wright,  Paul Handcock, Malcolm Cash, Trent Swain, Andrew Walsh, Victor Double.

Report: ANZRI cricket carnival 2023 on the Gold Coast.

After fielding a Tasmanian team in the 2022 carnival held in Launceston, Tasmania travelled to Queensland to take part in the carnival on the “Runaway Bay Cricket grounds” in February 2023.

The 2023 Tasmanian team was made of players Danny and Jordon Grant, Trent Swain, Paul Hancock, Kai Schumann, Julian Long, Simon Chandler, Daniel Hunt, Justin Maney, Brodie Tiernan, Andre Wright, Matthew Lowe, Victor and Ryan Double, Alex Jordan, Andrew Walsh and visitors Kevin French, Malcolm Cash and Tina Double.

It was gleaned from the records, dating back to 1936 that Tasmania had never been the winner or runner-up at an ANZRI Cricket Carnival. This year (2023) the Tasmanian team qualified for the final of the 40 over competition by bowling New South Wales our for 80 runs then making 82 runs while losing only 2 wickets. The second game was washed out almost immediately after Tasmania had bowled Queensland out for 135, from just under 40 overs. Tasmania and Victoria qualified for the final. In the final, Tasmania bowled Victoria out for 102 runs, then Victoria bowled Tasmania out for 79, just 23 short of catching them. Victoria were unbeaten. Records will show that, for the first time ever, the 2023 Tasmanian Railways Institute cricket team were runner-up in the ANZRI Cricket Carnival and were awarded the Ray Tait trophy. The team are looking forward to winning in 2025 in New South Wales at either, Coffs Harbour, Canberra or Newcastle. Some of the boys didn’t get to bed Friday night, only time to pack the suit case and catch the bus to the Airport for the flight to Launceston.

All of the team members received a medallion for being in the Runner-up team. Kai Schuman received the Jim Noble trophy for the best player in the final. Jordan Grant received the trophy for the best fielder in the Carnival. In the 40 over match against NSW, Alex Jordan received the trophy for player of the Match. Tasmanians selected in an All Australian Team were Trent Swain, Kai Schuman and Alex Jordan.

The Institute thanks the team members for raising money through a large raffle with over $8,000 in prizes through sponsorship from Shaw, Spicer, Gradco, Global Rail Australia and many others. With the Institute paying the Capitation fees, a large part of the air fares and accommodation were paid for from the $5,500 raffle ticket sales.

For the 2025 Carnival, a couple of the players may stand down leaving room for some new younger players, so Institute members, please think about travelling to NSW for a week in February 2015. You may have noticed that Jordon and Ryan accompanied their father to give some youth to the team so don’t overlook your cricketer son or daughter.

The Victorian and Tasmanian teams wore black arm bands and held a minute of silence in memory of 2022 player, Jason James (JJ), who was killed just after the 2022 carnival.

ANZRI Tasmanian Cricket Team  2022 Launceston 

Back : Dan Hunt, Steve Dietrich, Justin Maney, Danny Grant, Paul Hancock, Kai Schumann, Simon Chandler, Kevin French, Steve Woolridge.

Front: Julian Long, Victor Double, Jason James, Andrew Walsh, Jordan Grant, Trent Swain (Capt), Malcolm Cash

ANZRI Tasmanian Cricket Team  1977 Adelaide 

The Tasmanian, South Australian and the Commonwealth Railways Institutes amalgamated to form the Australian National Railways Institute from 1977 (there was no Tasmanian Team until 2022. 

Back Row :  A (Tony) Matthews, S Manten, G Davey

Second Row :B Green, C Foale, Des Yaxley, Roy Bishop, Ray French, W (Bill) Elliott

Front Row: Rex Anderson, Max Tumilty (Manager), J Iles (Vice Captain), Rex Neil (Captain), A Pedder,                                        Robert Donnelly (Institute Representative), I Lynd.

ANZRI Tasmanian Cricket Team  1969  Perth WA

The following players and Officials were selected to represent Tasmania. (Unfortunately no photo as of this time)

 From Hobart

C L Foale (Captain), W.T. Williams (Vice Captain), G.L. Cuthbert, G.M.Peters, G.J Rogers, R.J.Murray, L.J.Watson, R.D Gay and R.T. Butler (Institute Representative). 

From Launceston 

K.R.Smith and  A.J Strickland.

From the North West 

W.R.Neil (Selector) Latrobe, B.C.Beattie South Forrest, K.R. Menzie Railton, K.J.Parry Wynyard, C.H.Goninon Devonport (Manager) and  R.A.Lincoln (Property Steward).


Mesdames: R.T.Butler, F.A.Davy, G.M Peters, W.R.Neil.

Messrs: K.R Bradshaw, R.R.Cochrane, M.R.Wicks, F.A.Davy.


PERTH — Tasmania defeated South Australia in the interstate railways cricket carnival here yesterday.

Tasmania now has seven points and lies fifth in the contest. Today it meets Victoria which is in fourth position on 10 points. Top scorer for Tasmania yesterday was Foale with an unbeaten 50. W.A is on top of the table with 18 points.